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At Marbres Rustey we have remains of marble, granite and quartz surfaces in different colours.
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Funeral art

Làpides i Marbres Rustey is a family tradition entreprise which origins date back years ago when granfather Miquel Rustey Barbosa worked as sculptor. The passion and know-how in the world of sculpture allowed to participate in different artistic and public monuments in our city and province. Among them we can highlight the Lion monument at the market square, the town hall balcony of Girona, a sculpture in Olot and the source of St. Agustí among others.
His skill in the art, gaved him some popularity in the design of gravestones, so in 1959 decided to register as an entrepreneur in the Chamber of commerce of Girona. Based on simple stamps and using the technique of points, reproduced the scenes on the marble with great precision, producing unique pieces worked entirely by hand. His accomplishments are signed and can be seen in many cemeteries in Girona.
Pere Rustey Pericot, his son, followed the craft of sculptures and tombstones since it was a time of high demand. Made improvements to the process because he began to combine manual labor with mechanically assisted system that allowed him to add fixtures or make reliefs. Currently, the two sons of Pere, Xavier and Jordi, in front of the third generation, continue to work the marble, making this their craft and passion.
To see more realizations of the catalog, visit our showroom in C/ Carmen, 229 or contact our office in C/ Enderrocades, 12 in Girona.